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A 70-Year Journey to World-Class Precision Machining.

Established in 1946 as a screw machine job shop, Dubuque Screw Products was built on a solid foundation that combined proud machining talent with a sound business philosophy. Accompanied by a commitment to customer service and forward-thinking investments into the company, customers and our industry’s future, Dubuque Screw Products soon found the formula for its success.

Those early years were in the golden age of cam-operated screw machines. In 1953, we purchased our first new Brown & Sharp Single Spindle Screw Machine. By the late 1960s, we were operating two shifts with 26 screw machines in a 1,800 square foot building. Manufacturing was the backbone of our country and the machining industry was thriving. Dubuque Screw Products employed a solid business based on service, quality and diversification of products. While many manufacturers in this day were hunting for larger quantities and longer lead times, Dubuque Screw Products became a leader in managing, scheduling and providing services to customers who demanded smaller quantities and shorter lead times. This required a dedication to seeking a diversified customer base, and making the effort to establish strong relationships with customers, suppliers and vendors. This strategy has provided stability to our company and played a pivotal role in the success we still enjoy today.

As the machining industry evolved and more customers demanded better services with faster machine changeover, the business model that had been established at Dubuque Screw Products prepared us for new demands and provided the opportunity to expand.

During the late 70s and early 80s, Computerized Numerical Controlled (CNC) machines were beginning to prove themselves. As a production job shop, Dubuque Screw Products realized it could utilize CNC turning machines as a viable asset to produce higher quantity and quality parts at production prices to better service our customers.

The transition from cam-operated screw machines to CNC bar machines took place at a time when customers began holding fewer inventories and purchasing completed parts. Gone were the days of customers trying to save a few pennies by doing their own plating or heat-treating. Customers valued the service of a “one stop shop” and Dubuque Screw Products provided just that. Our long history of treating vendors as prized partners put us in a favorable position to accommodate new customer requirements without affecting our ability to service shorter lead times.

The technology of CNC machines revolutionized our industry and Dubuque Screw Products is proud to say we have completely integrated into a fully operational CNC manufacturer. Dubuque Screw Products ventured into the CNC milling market in the 90s and has continued to expand capabilities to contribute to the success of customers, suppliers, vendors, employees, and our own company. In 2008, we moved into our new 30,000 square foot, atmosphere-controlled, state of the art facility.

We offer more than two dozen CNC machines which operate day-to-day by true craftsmen who take pride in their work. Eighty percent of our machines are less than six years old, keeping us at the forefront of technology. DSP is still investing in the future, still making sound business decisions, and always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our customer’s needs. History has taught us the requirement for improvement, which has allowed us to enhance the customer experience. We look to the future, to be a part of yours. DSP, world class precision machining.

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I have been conducting business with DSP for eight years. They are a professional company that understands the nature of business and what it takes to help their customers succeed in their own business. The entire staff is friendly and ready to help. I would recommend DSP to anyone who needs a quality product.

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