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Electrical Construction and Energy.

The electrical construction and energy industry provides the U.S. with the light, energy and communications it needs to stay strong. Because it plays such a vital role in the nation’s success both now and in the future, those who work within the industry can’t afford to settle for anything less than exceptional products, service and support.

DSP has a long and valued history in support of electrical construction and energy control, partnering with customers and contributing to their success for more than 50 years. Here’s what we do:

  • Supply bus bars, jack screws, clamps, sleeves, bushings, pins, rivets, adjustors and rings
  • Serving some of the world’s largest manufacturers of electrical switchgear
  • Aid in design, material selection and product changes to eliminate costs without compromising quality
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From tight deadlines to accommodating numerous revisions, Dubuque Screw Products pulls it off without a snag, hitch, or hiccup. Everyone from Quoting, Engineering, Production, Quality Control, and in between steps up to make things run smoothly by meeting production dates and delivering product on time.

Dubuque Screw Products is an excellent vendor whom we can rely on at all times. We are proud to call Dubuque Screw Products a trusted partner and hope to continue growing our business relationship with them.

- Buyer, Sielaff Corporation,

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